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A new economy, new business, new practices

Since the s, Ecological Economics has been proving this to be biophysically impossible. Still, this is the predominant model worldwide. Although the existence of planned obsolescence makes sense in our current economic model, in real terms, this model is completely unsustainable. A new economic paradigm is required. Although we do not yet know what it is, some legal and political measures are being adopted around the world to achieve a more sustainable and just model. Circular economy shows great potential as a model designed to extract less natural resources and generate less waste.

New business models are being created for the implementation of new production and consumption patterns. The sharing economy is a good example. It is gathering more supporters investors and customers , especially in service-based businesses.

Planned obsolescence: The serious problem of electronic waste

But product-based companies are following a similar path. The values of these businesses are in transformation, and they are better understanding their socio-environmental responsibilities. If businesses and indeed whole industries are to survive, they need to update and change their models.

Reliable spare part supply throughout the entire service lifecycle

Otherwise, they risk becoming obsolete themselves. More conscious consumers and more sustainable public policies will push this agenda and those ignoring it will be left behind. The book "Understanding Planned Obsolescence" exploring all these elements, considers the legal and economic frameworks to overcome this practice and to mitigate its effects.

It unearths new patterns of production and consumption highlighting more sustainable development models. Java is a well-known example of this phenomenom, with new versions coming out every few months. For example, by the time a book on Java 1. X goes to press, a new Java Development Kit obsoletes the information.

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Java is not alone; many other technologies also participate in Continuous Obsolescence. The most flagrant examples are products that embed the year in their brand names, such as Product In this way, these products flaunt the progression of their obsolescence. Another example is the progression of Microsoft dynamic technologies:. From the technology marketers' perspective, there are two key factors: mindshare and marketshare.

Is it a required feature or just rent-seeking?

Planned obsolescence | muvicastsurp.cf

Is it now mainly software, not just hardware, that enforces obsolescence? This time, the availability of advanced analytics using machine learning on top of petabytes of sensor data from test benches and in-field operations allows engineering teams to tune the death of hardware with precision. Some would argue this is a devious strategy as it schedules the hopefully benign failure of a component. Software can not only schedule failure as part of the design process but also purposefully not necessarily maliciously reduce performance requiring an upgrade.

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This strategy renders existing accessories, hardware or software components obsolete or commercially unviable. To achieve the feat of a commercially successful and legal replacement strategy, it takes a multidisciplinary team of professionals underpinned by mountains of data and ways to sift through it. In the nineties, nobody outside of a few in-the-know staffers at a manufacturer really knew the statistics around product failure, operating conditions, and commercial impact.

As new regulations appear across the globe and embedded software spreads across connected devices, the commercial strategy of planned obsolescence will increasingly inherit a governance paradigm. The level of required precision, security, and documentation will increase not only to support the top line but also to adhere to the compliance squeeze of regulators.

Charting the Future of Obsolescence Management (FOM) with a Range of Services

Case in point: single-use medical devices , which highlight the various dynamics in play between profit orientation, compliance, and product innovation. If planned obsolescence is a commercial strategy for you, consider that you must change your engineering, supply chain, packaging, service, and marketing operations accordingly.

To avoid public relations nightmares or legal exposure and still make a profit, a competitive minimum viable product requires significant investment in data management and analysis.

Was its premature death premeditated; and if so, how did they do it? Even fewer would take part in this effort.

Top 10 Products That Are DESIGNED to FAIL

Today, while supply chains are more complex, much of this data and skill are more accessible due to digitization of workloads.